Raw Materials

We only source ingredients and raw materials from reliable suppliers across the global market. Our customers have the option to source their own; however, we cross-test, in full, upon arrival.


D-Nutrition follows strict GMP, HACCP and ISO regulations to ensure we deliver high quality and truly effective products.

Finished Products

A comprehensive range of formulations and expertise in sourcing gives us the ability to accomplish the most suitable products.

Our core certifications

We aim to achieve perfection with everything we do! All our products are organics and produced in the EU.

Our Products' Benefits

Premium Quality

Here, at D-Nutrition we do not compromise quality for the price. We stand out from the crowd because we want our customers to grow with us. Quality begins with thorough research and high standards throughout the production process. In-production and pre-shipment human inspection done by our well-trained personnel is a must!

Flexible Packaging

Packaging is a significant part of products’ success on the market. We work with partners using the latest technologies to ensure precision, high quality and the best protection of your products. Our graphics experts can take care of your designing needs and help you achieve the look you desire.

Best Price Guarantee

Our extensive expertise and manufacturing management allows us to offer the lowest market price. We can beat any quote at any given time for the same formulation, guaranteed! We aim to keep you as a client for a long time and do not aim to squeeze the last penny out of your business. You keep the extra profit and grow because if you do, we will grow with you!

Ready to Sell

Our customers often chose the option to ship their products directly to distributors or e-commerce warehouses. It is the best and most cost-effective way of getting the product out there quick to avoid inventory losses.

Natural Ingredients

Natural is the term of the twenty-first century, and here at D-Nutrition, we receive requests for bioproducts daily. To stay ahead of the curve, we are in touch with the most reliable and sustainable producers. No ingredient, nor any latest trends remain hidden from our experienced researchers.

Clean Label

We consider “Clean label” a standard of our products and formulations. Our team does not use any ingredients such as sugars, artificial additives or preservatives unless requested and agreed by you. Our product labels are designed to give customers full transparency.

How to become a client?

Becoming a client is simple. Your privacy, as well as your formulations are always protected.
  • Please, contact the office by mail or phone.

    If you’d like D-Nutrition to make your company grow, have your product ideas ready. We will not disappoint and beat any offer in 99% of all cases.

  • Two working days quote delivery.

    We aim to delivery any quote within two working days. In the rare case of where we have to look for a particular formulation or a specific raw material give us another two days, please.

  • No product formulation is an issue.

    We can manufacture or develop within pretty much any product you desire. Make sure you know your local legislation as you will be responsible to register the product in the target market. In some cases, we may need the registration before the order acceptance.

  • We aim to protect our clients!

    Our clients are our priority! If you become our client we will protect your market position. What does it mean? Simply, we are not interested in place two or more clients in a competition war. If you have a regular product line, you have the option to protect it. We will then refuse to make the same formulation for anyone within the same market.

  • Payments are quick and simple.

    We accept 50/50 ordering system for our regular clients. You are obliged to pay 50% before the order is received and 50% before dispatch. New clients are required to pay 100% before we accept the order.

  • We will take care of your order management.

    Our partners are actively developing an ordering system where you can monitor all your sales, requests, quotes and needs. It is due to release in late 2020 and will help you achieve positive stock balance at all times.